Covid-19 Prevention Protocols

Flying Squirrel Adventures is dedicated to the care and safety of all program participants, volunteers and facilitators. We adhere to guidelines set in place by the Provincial Government and follow the recommendation set out by public health concerning best practices as they relate to our type of programming and will follow the steps below to minimize the risk of infection during this Pandemic.

Covid-19 Prevention Protocols

-All programming takes place outside in a natural setting (high air flow).

-We have small group programs to minimize contact and will adhere to provincial guidance on group sizes; maximum group sizes may change based upon the provincial guidelines.

-There are limited shared touch surfaces – the props we use in our programs come mostly from nature. Any supplies we bring and share will be sanitized between uses.

-Regular hand washing is practiced to minimize the spread of germs. Soap and water will be available at the trail head and hand washing before and after food consumption will be required. There is to be no food sharing during programs.

-Hand sanitizer will be available while we’re in exploration mode (i.e. not by the shelter and hand washing station).

-We review with children the necessary hygiene etiquette expected during our program in fun and engaging ways to make regular hand washing, physical distancing and respiratory etiquette appealing rather than tedious manor.

-Our activities support physical distancing and we have lots of space to allow that to happen

-In the case of first aid, facilitators will wear gloves and masks

-If a child or facilitator has symptoms they must stay home. To view an updated list of symptoms from the Nova Scotia Health Authority click here.

-If a child develops symptoms during a program, a parent/guardian will be called for pick up and the child will be required to wear a mask until pick up.

-We ask that only one parent/guardian come out of the car to pick up/drop off their child (to minimize contact)

-Parent/guardian and facilitators are to maintain a physical distance of 2 meters during drop off and pick up times and to wear masks at this time