Coyote Classroom (Ages 7-11)

A school alternative for free-range kids

A desk and four walls is not a fit for every child. We are pleased to offer a forest school model that honours the whole child and fosters community among all involved. We will establish a rhythm together with the children that encourages curiosity and fun, play and imagination, exploration and movement, awareness and care for the natural world, personal and group awareness, and self-sufficiency. We foster these attributes through a set of core routines and nature based activities. 

Wednesdays 9:30 am to 1:30 pm, September 16th – October 21st

Waitlist: This program is now full. Add your child to the waitlist for future programs here. Some bursaries available*, email us at to enquire.

*We are committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in all our programs. Bursaries are available to support participation by individuals who self-identify as coming from a under-represented and/or marginalized group.

We offer a welcoming atmosphere that celebrates the whole child and meets them where they are at. With small group sizes and two facilitators  each child will receive lots of attention (as needed) from a caring adult. The learning experience is dynamic, emergent, multi-sensory, and exciting.

Time in nature offers endless opportunities for children to grow and build a skill set for navigating life, including: 

·       confidence

·       resiliency and problem solving skills

·       empathy for others and the natural world

·       awareness of a calm inside themselves

·       balance and physical stamina

We will unpack our toolkit of activities and guided nature experiences that support this development, including nature journalling, crafting, collecting, high and low energy games, sit spots, stories of the day and more.

Our weekly explorations will take place at the Black Rock Community Trails, where there are many wooded trails to explore, and access to the shore. This is a fantastic setting for learning and growth, awe and wonder, discovery and fun!   

 Sessions are co-lead by two experienced facilitators: Judy Lipp and Emily LeGrand.

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