Facilitation Team

We have an enthusiastic and talented team of nature facilitators who carefully plan and deliver each session.  Every one of our facilitators has experience working with people in nature and have the required police checks for working with young people.  At least one facilitator in each of our programs has first aid training and carries with them a first aid kit appropriate to the terrain and activities.  Meet the team!

Judy Lipp (she/her), Program Coordinator

Judy is excited to be a part of Flying Squirrel Adventures as it marries her interest in community organizing with her passion for connecting with nature. Judy has always loved spending time in the great outdoors.  Quiet wanders or challenging hikes through the woods, beach combing and foraging wild edibles are some of her favorite activities.   Despite growing up running through the woods and climbing trees, she found her naturalist tendencies peaked in the middle of Canada’s largest urban centre where she first started tracking coyotes, foraging medicinal plants and starting fires with friction.  She discovered that nature can be as magical in an abandoned lot as in the middle of a wilderness area, the key is being ready to see it.  Helping people rekindle their love of and comfort in nature through fun, engaging activities is her mission.

Emily LeGrand (she/her or they/them), Nature Educator

Nature was a central part of Emily’s childhood with experiences like raising tadpoles into frogs, getting to know the deer herd in the forest by her home, and daily nature walks with her family. Flying Squirrel Adventures brings together many of Emily’s passions, including child-led, self-directed learning, natural history, nature connection, and having a good time goofing around in the stream!  Emily loves to watch kids grow in confidence, playfulness, focused attention and physical mobility as they are supported to play and learn in woods. She has been working to promote outdoor play in the Annapolis Valley for the last few years with municipalities and schools, and is very excited to continue on a similar path with Flying Squirrel Adventures!

Steven Wilton (he/him or they/them), Facilitator


Steven is interested in strengthening communities through education, health and wellness initiatives. His experiences playing with his nephews, teaching music lessons, and facilitating programs in public schools have all contributed to his endless curiosity and passion for working with kids. His belief is that we can improve our physical and psychological well-being and create more balance in our lives by pushing our technology aside and taking a walk in the woods.

Sophia Bush Anderson (they/them), Facilitator

With a smile that lights up the room, and a personality that people gravitate towards, Sophia is a valuable member of many communities. Their lifelong interest in supporting the healthy development of children as they learn and grow has shone through Sophia’s work with youth over the years. Sophia has a passion for dance and movement, and is also interested in videography, conflict resolution, herbalism, foraging, gymnastics, acro yoga, and birth work. Sophia’s kind and nurturing energy creates a welcoming atmosphere in which growth and learning are supported with inclusivity and ease.

Jesse Potter (he/him), Facilitator

Brimming with passion for music and a keen sense of wonder for the natural world, Jesse’s background of live performance has taken him across Canada, and helped him establish a deep connection with his community at home in Wolfville, NS. A history of public, alternative (Sudbury Valley Model), and home schooling has given Jesse a unique perspective on education that carries forward into his current practice of teaching guitar and voice to people of all ages. Encouragement of self-directed learning, and dissolving barriers to equality (such as age and gender) are key factors in his approach to working with people. His other interests include: Capoeira (a Brazilian dance/martial art), non-violent communication and conflict resolution, blowing giant bubbles, gardening, music festivals, and camping trips. Jesse is excited to learn and grow with the people around him, and happily imparts his knowledge on all those who might willingly receive it.

Danielle Marchand (she/her), Facilitator

Growing up in the country, Danielle had a knack for making her own fun! She enjoys being in the forest as well as along the shore line to explore and imagine amazing things. With two kids of her own now grown and almost on their own, Danielle finds connecting and working with youth in nature to be a fabulous way to stay young at heart. Danielle also works with youth at an alternative high school and has always enjoyed incorporating the natural world into her lessons however she can. She is excited to work with FSA and to have fun with an entire new group of people!

Bria Stark (she/her), Facilitator

Bria is currently studying Social Services at NSCC while working with FSA. She is passionate about engaging and connecting with others within her community as an outreach worker.

Bria is also a birth and postpartum doula, multimedia artist and can often be found foraging the many edible plants of Nova Scotia. She is a big advocate of engaging with the elements in all conditions and strives to facilitate spaces where this can feel approachable for all. Bria believes spending time outside does profound things for one’s mental health and wellness and is excited to be working with FSA to help in connecting others to the outdoors as well.

Nate Lake (he/they), Facilitator

Hello! I am Nate, I am 24, and I love the outdoors. I grew up climbing trees and playing make-belief outside, and from that freedom have become a much healthier person than I believe I would have been alternatively. I think a sense of community and support is vital for people to thrive, and introducing people (especially youth) to nature in a such a healthy way is fantastic. Being able to fluently communicate with ourselves, others and the world enables us to live fulfilling lives. I’ve been a part of the team for a while now, having done Trailblazers and the Boys Winter Adventure Club and more. I treasure the time spent, the experience gained, and the lives touched. I look forward to doing more!

Lily Sheel (she/her), Co-op Student

Lily is a third year co-op student at Acadia University who is excited to be a part of the Flying Squirrels Adventures team for the winter and spring. She is studying Community Development and Environmental Sustainability studies and is keen to apply what she has learnt. She was raised in Vancouver, BC where she developed an appreciation and love for nature, and she is looking forward to exploring the opposite coast through this position.