Facilitation Team

Flying Squirrel Adventures is a collaborative initiative supported and enabled by various partners and spearheaded by several nature loving-individuals.  We have an enthusiastic and talented team of nature facilitators who carefully plan and deliver each session.  Every one of our facilitators has experience working with people in nature and have the required police checks for working with young people.  At least one facilitator in each stream (Adults and Children) has first aid training and carries with them a first aid kit appropriate to the terrain and activities.

Meet the team!

Judy Lipp, Program Coordinator

Judy is  excited to be a part of Flying Squirrel Adventures as it marries her interest in community organizing with her passion for connecting with nature. Judy has always loved spending time in the great outdoors.  Quiet wanders or challenging hikes through the woods, beach combing and foraging wild edibles are some of her favorite activities.   Despite growing up running through the woods and climbing trees, she found her naturalist tendencies peaked in the middle of Canada’s largest urban centre where she first started tracking coyotes, foraging medicinal plants and starting fires with friction.  She discovered that nature can be as magical in an abandoned lot as in the middle of a wilderness area, the key is being ready to see it.  Helping people rekindle their love of and comfort in nature through fun, engaging activities is her mission.


Emily LeGrand, Program Co-Lead

Nature was a central part of Emily’s childhood with experiences like raising tadpoles into frogs, getting to know the deer herd in the forest by her home, and daily nature walks with her family. Flying Squirrel Adventures brings together many of Emily’s passions, including child-led, self-directed learning, natural history, nature connection, and having a good time goofing around in the stream!  Emily loves to watch kids grow in confidence, playfulness, focused attention and physical mobility as they are supported to play and learn in woods. She has been working to promote outdoor play in the Annapolis Valley for the last few years with municipalities and schools, and is very excited to continue on a similar path with Flying Squirrel Adventures!

Rena Thomas (she/her), Creative Design and Communications Lead

We’re excited to have Rena on Board for the summer to help with some new creative initiatives and support our communications effort.

Rena is an artist and filmmaker of settler ancestry living in Halifax, NS. She has also worked as a yoga instructor, doula, nanny, adventure and art camp facilitator, arts coordinator, administrator and safer spaces advocate. Rena’s art practice uses analogue film, installation, and performance to explore the concepts of body, landscape and memory. Informed by her observations of the environment and her experiences as a queer cisgender women, Rena’s practice hopes to reconnect a conscious connection to nature.

Steven Wilton, Facilitator

Steven is interested in strengthening communities through education, health and wellness initiatives. His experiences playing with his nephews, teaching music lessons, and facilitating programs in public schools have all contributed to his endless curiosity and passion for working with kids. His belief is that we can improve our physical and psychological well-being and create more balance in our lives by pushing our technology aside and taking a walk in the woods.

Indigo Baker (they/them), Facilitator

Indigo has recently moved to the Valley from K’jipuktuk (Halifax) and is excited to join the Flying Squirrels team! Indigo spends a lot of her time hiking, learning about the plant life around her, biking the trails, thinking about her relationship to the Land, and dancing. She was an after school program facilitator at an elementary school this past year. She’s looking forward to being a part of a child care team that focuses on the nature-connection that she feels is so important for children! Indigo is an aspiring Herbalist currently studying at Bloom Institute and one of her dreams is to someday facilitate herb walks for kids, as she understands the value of the younger generations becoming familiar with their natural environments and learning to interact with the Land around them.