Field Guide Project

Call out for Citizen Scientists, Photographers and Nature Lovers!

We’re building an all-season Field Guide to the Kentville Ravine and we need your help.

It’s easy with a tool called iNaturalist – we’ll show you how to use it and how you can be a part of this exciting project.

The Ravine already has it’s own project on iNaturalist so if you’re keen to get started, check it out and start sharing your photos and knowledge.

iNaturalist is an online web app that brings together a global community of naturalists to help each other identify species documented in digital photographs. The photographs that iNaturalist community members upload are linked to their geographic location on a map and are timestamped. The result is incredible: a real time range map of species from all over the world. We can see where species are being sighted, when and how often- critical information in understanding global change.
When we meet at the Kentville Ravine and upload photos of our most exciting sightings from FSA outings (or if any one of use does so on our own outings there), we are contributing to this important global picture. But also, we become more connected to other people who care about and enjoy the Kentville Ravine. We can see who has also posted sightings at the Ravine. We can see what species other people are seeing, and get help from them in identifying the species we have found. And we build a better picture of the species that exist right now in the Ravine, and what time of year we might expect to see them. It seems iNaturalist is that rare digital tool that can help us connect more deeply to the real world and people around us.

Free postcards for snail mail!

We’ve created 4 beautiful postcards to encourage folks to get outside and discover cool species found in the Kentville Ravine. Help us build an online field guide for all seasons and species using a fun app called iNaturalist!

Help us spread the word via good old fashioned snail mail. Email us at for a free postcard to mail to a friend. We’ll send it to you snail mail too, so be sure to include your mailing address.