Impact Report 2020/21

Flying Squirrel Adventures is pleased to present our first official impact report, highlighting our accomplishments from Spring 2020 through Winter 2021.

Over the past year we had the opportunity to help lots of people connect with nature in new and innovative ways. We built new relationships with community groups and launched a number of new initiatives. Over the course of the year we facilitated more than 2770 hours of outdoor time, reached over 1200 people and engaged 12 individuals as nature leaders. See a snapshot of our year in the infographic below and access the full FSA Impact Report 2020/21 here.

We have created this impact report to showcase all of the amazing things we got to share with so many in the community. The Covid pandemic forced us to slow down (initially) and resulted in some pivoting and re-tooling, but it was also an opportunity for us to re-think our role in our community, re-appreciate the power of nature, re-assess who we’re reaching as well as encouraging new partnerships that helped us serve more people and reach new audiences.

We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish and are grateful to all that have supported us over the last year. Whether you are a participant, facilitator, funder, partner or FSA fan, we see you and thank you!