Nature Canada

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Naturehood Program:

Addressing barriers to accessing nature

The goal of the NatureHood program is to connect urban residents, particularly young people and their families, to nearby nature. The program is a response to society’s growing disconnect from nature, and an acknowledgement that many complex barriers limit people’s access to nature. This includes factors such as distance, inequitable distribution of green space, lack of knowledge, cost, lack of equipment, cultural perceptions of nature spaces, and racialization of communities. Spending time in nature should be a right, but it is instead a privilege. It is critical that we work to address those barriers for a more inclusive and equitable outdoors. 

Flying Squirrel Adventures is pleased to be a NatureHood contributor for the Annapolis Valley thanks to the support of Nature Canada. We are honoured to be working together with many great groups and organizations across the country to address barriers to nature through programs, events, and activities built on exploration, celebration, education, stewardship, and nature observation.

Since the Spring we have been working with many local community partners in the Valley to help connect people to nature. During the pandemic shut-down we created and delivered 120 Nature Activity Kits to children and families identified by our partners. We are now open again for nature outings and regular outdoor sessions — we have run a number of these through the summer. If this is of interest for a group you work with then please get in touch: valleyflyingsquirrels [at]

Nature’s wonders are waiting right outside the door, peeking through the sidewalk cracks!