Nature Leadership Training

An Immersive Workshop for Group Leaders, Summer Camp Staff, etc.

Learn to lead groups in the great outdoors

If there is one thing that Covid-19 has taught us, it’s that getting outside is a good and necessary thing. Outdoor time is an important component in overall health and wellness for all ages, supporting physical, social and emotional needs.

We are lucky in the Annapolis Valley to have safe, public outdoor spaces with many beautiful, well maintained public parks, trails and green spaces. But simply having the space does not mean everyone can or will use it. Many groups and individuals need to be guided on their journeys into nature and we are here to help leaders do just that.

Taking groups outside can feel intimidating without proper guidance in using outdoor spaces, techniques for managing groups, and access to age appropriate outdoor activities.  That’s why we created this workshop. We want to help you take groups outside to have fun in and connect to nature. And we want you to enjoy it as much as we do!

Our workshops are highly interactive and customizable to the group at hand. We emphasize learning by doing so that participants walk away with tried and tested approaches for engaging groups outside.

As a follow-up to the workshop we will connect you to various outdoor learning resources to support your journey of outdoor teaching in the year ahead. We can also be available for follow-up support if needed.

Our rates vary by group size, need and location. Email us today to talk through your needs and interests: