Volunteer with Us


We are always pleased to hear from folks who are interested in getting involved in our work.  As our program offering expands, so do the opportunities for getting involved.  We have created a simple application form for you to register your interest in volunteering with us.  We will follow up within a few days to touch base and let you know if we have any opportunities available. We have outlined the possible positions below, but we have various jobs to be done so let us know your interests and we can see how we can accommodate them.

Typical volunteer positions available (follow the link for details on each)

Be Part of a Global Movement

It’s no longer a secret, nature connection and outdoor education are vital for human health and preservation of the environment.  As a society we forgot that for a while and now we have to play catch-up.  And the race is on.  Reconnecting people with nature is a burgeoning new field and we need all hands on deck.  We need passionate, committed people who are excited to help grow this important field.  Come learn, lead and play with us for a few months.

Anyone completing at least 12 hours of volunteer time will receive a certificate of recognition and a letter of support (upon request).

Ready to apply? Please complete our quick application form. Thank you.

Have some questions / want more info?  Contact: valleyflyingsquirrels@gmail.com

How Volunteering can Benefit You

  • Meet new people / build and expand your network of contacts
  • Practice skills or learn new ones
  • Contributing to our community can make us feel grounded, needed and connected
  • Build / round-out your resume
  • Fill some spare time with new experiences
  • Explore your career interests

If you have interest in any of the following careers/employment areas and want an opportunity to try them out and meet people with experience in these areas then this could be a good fit for you.  Outdoor recreation and nature connection faciliation can be career gateways or a stepping stone to:

  • Teaching / education
  • Event planning
  • Biology / natural sciences
  • Environmental studies
  • Outdoor education
  • Communications and marketing
  • Community development
  • Active living