Our Partners

Flying Squirrel Adventures would not be possible without the support of and collaboration with our wonderful partners! The groups named below have been with us from the start, enabling our work with enthusiasm, ideas and logistical support. Thank you!

Blomidon Naturalist Society (BNS) is a field naturalists club centered around the eastern Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. They began in 1974 and at present have over 100 family and single members. All of their activities are open to the public.

BNS has recently published a new pocket guide to the wildflowers of Nova Scotia. For info and to purchase visit their website or email us valleyflyingsquirrels@gmail.com.

Jijuktu’kwejk Watershed Alliance (JWA) is a partnership of citizens and communities from Berwick to Wolfville in Kings County Nova Scotia, with the common vision of a healthy and sustainable natural environment.

The name Jijuktu’kwejk (“gee gee WOK tok”) has been used to refer to the river which runs from Berwick to Wolfville Nova Scotia.  It has been known historically as the Cornwallis, the Grand Habitant, and by other names as well.  The name Jijuktu’kwejk has been used for many hundreds of years by the First Nations people in this area. Restoring the quality of this river starts with restoring its name, from a time when it was cared for and respected by local residents.

Kentville Parks and Recreation Department “Kentville is the place to play!”

With beautiful parks and trails and active encouragement of the outdoors, the team at Kentville Parks and Recreation are superb partners for programming Flaying Squirrel Adventures offers in the town.  They maintain the sites that host many of our outings: Kentville Ravine, Gorge, Miners’ Marsh, Harvest Moon trail, Oakdene, etc.

Being physically and mentally active and coming together as a community is what it’s all about for them as it is for us. And we both strive to foster a creative, progressive, and inclusive community, where everyone belongs, and everybody gets to play. Which is exactly why Kentville is so proud of the parks and recreation opportunities available to residents and visitors.

Clean Annapolis River Project (CARP) is a charitable, community-based, non-governmental organization incorporated in 1990 whose goal is to enhance the ecological health of the Annapolis River watershed through science, leadership and community engagement. Since 1990 CARP has developed several projects that address pertinent environmental issues in the Annapolis River watershed. These projects range from environmental monitoring to public education to habitat restoration to home assessment. Although the focus of our mission is the improvement of the local environment, many of our projects have resulted in economic, societal and health related benefits and expand beyond the bounds of our watershed.